Your regular serving of Rubio assists

Steve McPherson —  December 18, 2012 — 2 Comments

So it wasn’t such a great game for the Wolves or Rubio, but that doesn’t mean you can’t kick back and enjoy the artistry. The drop-off to Love in transition for the 3 and the behind-the-back number to Williams for the jumper were real throwbacks to last season.

Steve McPherson


2 responses to Your regular serving of Rubio assists

  1. You missed the one that he pushed underneath to Kirilenko that I thought was the best one of the night…couldn’t find the video though…

  2. I blame JJ for this lose. He tried to take over and stopped passing the ball. He took shots where no one was under to get a rebound. He sped up the game when it should have been slowed down and worked inside out. It was frustrating to watch and I was confused why Adleman kept him in there and left Shved sitting on the bench. You could feel it slipping away at the 5 minute mark. They looked tired and weren’t getting back on D. That’s a game you win at the end at the foul line with Love and Pek. Not jacking 3’s and running around with out any kind of plan. Here’s hoping the come back refreshed and hit shots tonight against the heat. We are going to need to be hitting our 3 pointers and grabing rebounds to beat the heat. Was Jim Peterson right when he said that the Wolves are shotting 14% in the fourth of games? We so need you Chase.

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