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Malcolm Lee to have surgery: out for the year

Now that we’re fully into the third wave of 2012/13 Wolves injuries, Malcolm Lee whose “hyperextended knee” is a relic of the second wave, already seems like a distant memory. But he played for the Wolves this year and had a moderately positive effect on the team’s defense when he was on the floor. He was still a newcomer to the nuances of NBA team-defense, but  his length and athleticism would certainly have been of use against the likes of Greivis Vasquez and Eric Gordon. But anyway he’s not playing any more basketball this season. From the Wolves:

The Minnesota Timberwolves today announced that guard Malcolm Lee will undergo two surgeries next week. On Monday, January 14, Lee will undergo a right knee cartilage repair. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Jonathan Glashow at Midtown Surgical Center in New York. On Wednesday, January 16, Lee will undergo surgery on his right hip. The surgery will be performed by Dr. Bryan Kelly at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York. Lee is expected to miss the remainder of the 2012-13 NBA season.

So it looks like, in two years of NBA experience, Lee will have missed 113 out of 148 possible games because of injury. Thats a very tough start to a career.


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  1. Sigh. This sucks. They play so hard, but you can tell they are getting wore out. Who is out there on the wire that is available. But even when we find someone on the waiver wire, they get hurt as well! The season is cursed! And Im pouty!

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