2014 Offseason

Ricky Rubio is in an ad for Earth to Echo

I’m not sure what Earth to Echo is but it’s a Disney movie that decided to have a commercial with DeAndre Jordan, Shawn Marion, and Ricky Rubio in it to promote its release.

Rubio shows some acting chops here, and by acting chops I mean he delivered his lines without laughing during the take. It also gave me a chance to make this .gif so this is a pretty good deal all around. 

It’s simple but fun. It’s a frustrating offseason but we can still have a little fun, right?

(H/T – Marc Stein)

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10 thoughts on “Ricky Rubio is in an ad for Earth to Echo

  1. This looks like E.T. had unprotected sex with Wall-E and out came this gem. I’m sure somebody somewhere will like this movie but hopefully it won’t be my kid cause I don’t want it near me in any capacity.

  2. Uglyfunk, I’m not inclined to agree with you in general, but that .gif does bear more than a little resemblance to ET. Especially Shawn Marion’s facial expression.

  3. Yeah I’ve seen a few commercials now and every time I see one I’m like….uhh, it’s a live-action tiny Wall-E set in the E.T. universe. I really hope I’m wrong on it sucking because my daughter loves movies like this and it’s looking like I might have to endure it.

  4. No updates guy? I heard the wolves were interested in Marcus Thornton as part of the Jarret Jack away from the Cavs to make room for Lebron and I also heard that they have an interest in Chandler Parsons who might be available if the Rockets sign Chris Bosh?

  5. I don’t buy the Marcus Thornton trade, the reason for the third team is so Cleveland does not have to take salary back so they can offer a max. Twolves don’t fit the criteria

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