16 thoughts on “It's a New Wolves Order

  1. After years of frustrating seasons with a lot of expectations and very little results i’m excited about the upcoming season for the first time in years! The youth the team will add combined with the youth we already have, show a lot of promise. Dieng was a monster in that run late in the season. If he had played like that all year, or even just played(thanks Adelman!) he would have given MCW a run for his money, Shabazz is underrated in my opinion and i hope(expect)to see a good season from him with his playing time increased by Flip. Hummel has the potential to become a good role player. And Rubio! I’m not even going to bitch about his shooting because he does so many things right during the game, his lack of shooting and lack of shooting efficiently when he does have the courage to shoot are maken up for by his passing, court vision, decision making, making his teammates better, having a great mentality and his good defense. If he has the keys of the team, instead of love and he can be the leader he will have to be if he wants his max contract he will make this wolves team a team to be reckoned with. When you add the athleticism of Zach Lavine and Wiggins, with some good shooting from Zach and good perimiter defense from Wiggins as a bonus, this team might be…might be better than last years. Bennett has the potential to become a good to maybe even great player. Forget his rookie season and consider this his real first year, and he could surprise all of us. GRIII is a good pick up late first round and has a lot of upside. I expect him to develop in D-league though. I also think Flip is an upgrade from Adelman, ;ast years Adelman that is. So even the coaching will be better,more passionate at least. The veteran presence of Martin,Pekovic, Budinger (and their shooting, rebounding,post moves, and corner threes respectively) will make this team better. When you add a good love replacement in young and a whole new chance of creating a winning environment and mentality this could be the best Wolves team in years. I don’t buy that espn forecast or anything they say for that matter. So i will be positive(probably till the first losing streak a la the sixers hit us) as long as i can. It feels good to finally see a bright future for this team.

  2. Very excited to see all these pieces working together. I gotta say when KG was traded it felt like the “End if an ERA” closer to a funeral, today it feels like the “Beginning of Something Special” Go Wolves

  3. Most excited I’ve been about the Wolves since KG and Cassell. Getting Wiggins is the dream scenario. And I like the mix of vets that we have so that our promising young guys won’t have to carry the load. Looks like Flip is emphasizing defense, too, which I love. And I think Rubio will be a better team leader. Can’t wait to watch this team!

  4. No one could of turned love into more. The team could not make the playoffs with him so maybe we’re better off without him. Add some extremely athletic guys like wiggins, bennett, young and you may just have a good defense.

  5. Great move. As D. Kahn once said, Kevin Love is the third player on a championship team. So far nothing refutes this hypothesis, and now we finally get to test it on a team where he will in fact play this role. As for the Wolves, who knows what this band of high-flyers can bring, but I’d rather watch it almost get to the playoffs than the stat-stuffing of a guy who’s talents couldn’t elevate the players around him. Big congrats to Flip Saunders.

  6. Awesome video, Zach. We won’t be making the playoffs this year, but your video has given me faith that some combination of Rubio, LaVine, Wiggins, GRIII, and Brewer are a lock to make it into the Sportscenter Top 10 countdown every single game they play this year.

  7. I foresee a lot of alley oops in the T-wolves future this season. The first Year Rubio played when they had Dwill, Wesley, Beasly and Anthony Randolph they got a lot of alley oops because those were high flyers that were willing to run.

  8. It looks as though the Wolves are assembling an incredibly athletic, young team. Wiggins, Levine, Brewer, Rubio, Dieng, Bennett, and perhaps Thad Young all look like far better athletes than Wolves fans have been used to seeing. Does that mean the Wolves have the potential to become a dominant defensive team with such athleticism? It certainly looks like they should be able to run all day on their opponents. Just how good can this group be?

  9. The excitement is good as long as it’s not combined with unrealistic expectations. I’m excited, but the youngsters should be developed properly, and that means not giving them unlimited minutes. After what Phoenix did last season, I’m not going to assume they’ll be awful, but there’s a lot to prove for many guys.

  10. Agree with gjk. This team should be excited and gives lots of plays, I will not expect a playoff this , or maybe next season. But we will be great some day not far. Keep running Wolves.

  11. I’m not saying we WILL make the playoffs, but if one assumes that we can fall back to average on winning our close games, that our bench is far deeper this year than last year, that Bennett and Dieng improve even nominally from last year, that Thaddeus continues to play 15-6 ball, and that injuries are no more than what we saw last year, I don’t see why the Wolves couldn’t win at least 40-45 games this year.

    Given fewer injuries and a 50/50 split in our close games last year, we would have won over 50 games. At 45 games we would still likely be the 9th seed, possibly the 10th, in the West, but I don’t think we will fall off back into the upper 20’s/low 30’s wins (which is what ESPN analysts predicted).

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