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Sixers 85, Wolves 77: As Told By Technology


That was ugly.

Tonight, the Philadelphia 76ers finally got over the hump, ending their 17-game losing streak to open the season in a win over the Wolves. Understandably, the Sixers will likely celebrate, or at least let out a big exhale after tonight. Still, tonight’s game probably the worst NBA game I’ve ever been to. It’s to the point where I’m not sure I want to write the recap. Instead, I’ll let technology take care of it.

We’ll start before the game, when my dad, a longtime season ticket holder, found out former Wolf great Alexey Shved wasn’t playing.










Still, the game had to go on. We now turn to the opening tip-off….and the second opening tip-off.

From there, most of us knew we were in for a unique evening. The basketball was ugly throughout, but the Wolves’ basketball was especially bad in the first quarter, trailing by as much as 12. That’s why it was so refreshing to see an old friend of Minnesota. I had a decision to make.

I never hugged him, and it’s probably for the best. Anyway, the game continued. The following tweet took place with about 3:30 to go…in the second quarter.

Britt Robson made a point shortly after that we can probably all agree with.

At the half, AWAW’s own Steve McPherson entered the building. My hope was his presence could be the fuel the team clearly needed.

Clearly, he knew what was coming.

Throughout the game, especially in the second half, the offense was stagnant and predictable. Passes were poor and nobody was moving.

Hey, a fun highlight!

Ultimately, the Wolves’ poor play led to the Sixers’ (who played quite poorly themselves) first win of the season. As the game started to slip away for Minnesota, this more or less capped off a ridiculously weird evening.

Once the game had ended, the mood everywhere was pretty much the same. Whether you’re talking to a seasoned and talented NBA reporter…

Or my dad, who has been a Wolves season ticket holder since 1996.










I guess all you can do from here is move forward.

Oh boy.

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15 thoughts on “Sixers 85, Wolves 77: As Told By Technology

  1. Pathetic, disgusting and inexcusable. Any Wolves fan is an apologist by nature, but there is only so much fans should be expected to take.

    Bonus points to Flip (sarcastic) for throwing his young team under the bus and implying the reason for the loss was a lack of intensity and effort. Really? You think the guys weren’t motivated to not be the team that this horrendous 76ers team gets its first win against? That’s humiliation. Athletes are motivated to avoid humiliation. Perhaps they look lazy because they are so confused by your coaching and system.

  2. So, what if we assumed that these injuries were intentional on the part of Flip Saunders. Would that make him a mastermind? As it basically means that even though we have to watch games like this, we still keep watching games to see exciting rookie plays, and we’ll wind up a lottery team for sure, which means another shot at another solid rookie, which means we can still be in reload mode. So without sacrificing too much in the way of watch-ability this year, we can be situated to actually be a championship contention team in 2-3 years. I’m sure I’m not the first one to have thought of it, but after so many years in a row of being one of the worst teams in the NBA hit by injuries, one has to think it’s more than just coincidence.

  3. Watching this game reminded me of the first time I watched Tom Green’s ‘Freddy Got Fingered.’ I heard it was awful, I expected nothing from it, but I figured I’d enjoy it for a few “so bad it’s good” laughs. Instead the movie was so bad it was disturbing and troubling and I hated myself for watching it. Through years of therapy and meditation I’ve wiped the memory of that horrid movie from my psyche and I hope, in five or ten years I will never remember that I once watched this disgusting Timberwolves-Sixers game.

  4. If anything, I think the guys were tight because they didn’t want to be the first team to lose to Philly. That’s on the vets and coach to avoid.

    The main reason I was okay with Flip being the coach is because I figured they wouldn’t get punched in the mouth at home by inferior teams. I knew he couldn’t match wits with the elite coaches the way Adelman did, but they’d be ready every night. So much for that. Honestly, he could quit as coach today and I’d be fine with it.

  5. That was the ugliest game I have ever seen. Not one player from either team looked like an NBA player. What really tore my guts out is the Wolves couldn’t even do the simplest things. Passing the ball. We turned the ball over how many times because a guy could not pass the ball 5′ or less?

    Lay the ball up. Guys running full speed down the court on a breakaway and could not even lay the ball in. They were so addle minded running the ball down the court they could not decide “dunk” or Layup” in the end they did neither.. Clunk..

    I remember the first time Flip was coach he always had his guy ready to play at home. But this game? It’s as if 10 guys who have never met, got together for a pickup game against a bad high school team and looked like a bunch of guys who have never played together and got beat.

    Either as Pyrrol said they don’t understand the playbook, or it’s worse. They don’t care.

  6. I feel bad for Young. He leaves a terrible situation and then walks into one where his teammates allow that garbage team to celebrate a regular-season game on his new home court.

    Also, I’m sure the national sentiment was behind the Sixers last night for some reason. Honestly, they deserve to lose every game they play and fall out of the lottery. Their way of rebuilding shouldn’t be celebrated or have more success than how the Wolves are trying to rebuild.

  7. Absolutely, this loss is on our vets. How could Brewer, Young, Williams, and Budinger let that sorry team beat us on our court? That’s troubling.

  8. Intensity, ability to adjust on the fly, should be watching the hips and anticipate what the player is going to do by beating them to the punch. It’s obvious that one of these young bloods is going to have to step up by talking, call for the ball, shoot in rhythm. Keep your heads up Wolves!

  9. Ha to all y’all who thought gettin’ rid of JJ Barea was going to make the wolf’s a better team. Time to find another scapegoat. He’s now with a TEAM that really knows how to run the pick n’ roll. The guy was never a ball hog or a loose canon like some of you tried to make him out to be. Go Mav’s..

  10. A couple thoughts from this game. At some point when is Wiggins going to figure out he is ten times more athletic then everyone in the league besides LeBron, Anthony Davis, and KD. With the Sixer players that were guarding him and how much just raw superior talent he has he should have been way more aggressive in this game and that’s a reflection on coaching, which was disappointing. The second thing is Flip should not be both coach and GM. I think at this point he is trying to both coach and fully evaluate his players, and with him being in charge of personnel decisions he is trying to figure out what pieces they want moving forward. Get someone in to make final decisions on personnel and just coach the team.

  11. I am not watching the Wolves until the injured vets come back because they are so bad presently. I also wonder if Flip has lost his team/the Wolves threw the game. I can not believe how bad they were. Philly I do not think wins 5 games this year.

  12. Hard to believe the team that just took the Rockets to OT is the same team that looked so horrible against the 76ers. I think gjk hit the nail on the head they were so tight because they were afraid of being “the first team to lose to Philly” and in the end that’s what they became.

    Also Harden should have fouled out of that game the first time he pushed off on Brewer.

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