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Selected quotes from Timberwolves Media Day, part two

Towns Media Day 2

This is the second part of a two part post (check out part one here). Featured below are Ricky Rubio, Gorgui Dieng, Shabazz Muhammad, Damjan Rudez, Kevin Martin, and Karl-Anthony Towns.

Ricky Rubio

Regarding his goals for the upcoming season:

“One of the goals is to play all 82 games. The other is to finally lead this team to the playoffs.”

On Karl-Anthony Towns:

“When I came here for the draft, and I saw the young guys working out, I only needed like two minutes to see that he was the guy. The main thing that really impressed me was that really wants to be here. He’s a guy who can stretch the floor, (he’s) athletic, can run in the open floor.”

On leadership, and sharing leadership roles with the team’s veterans:

“I’ve always felt like the point guard, especially the way I play, and the way I feel, I feel like I’m a leader. I don’t think a team needs only one leader. It needs a lot of them. So I’m always

On Sam Mitchell, and how he differs from Flip Saunders:

“Sam’s a yelling guy. That’s good for the young guys, and for me, too. I told him I want him to be hard on me, to push to get the best from me.”

Gorgui Dieng

On working with Hakeem Olajuwon this summer:

“(I worked with Hakeem) for four or five days in a row. We’d get there at 7 in the morning to work out. That was very helpful, really nice of him to get there early in the morning to help me get better.”

Shabazz Muhammad

On the injuries that cut his breakout sophomore season short:

“It sucked. It really sucked.”

How Tayshaun Prince can help his game:

“Tayshaun can really help with my defense on the arc, that’s something I really want to improve on.”

What he’s been working on this offseason:

“I’ve been working on my outside jumper, my three point (shot) and my ball handling, because I really want to be able to switch over to playing the two. There’s not a lot of guys who can guard me at that position, especially going inside and out.”

On injuries, playing with a high motor and finding a balance between the two:

“My high motor is an advantage for me, but this is the year I’m going to compose it. There are times you can’t go all the way hard. Coach has been really talking to me about that. I can’t be out this year. I can’t afford to be out. So that’s something I’ve got to control, and pick my spots.”

Damjan Rudez

On Nemanja Bjelica:

“(He’s an) excellent player. Versatile. Very, very team-oriented. Great shooter. Fundamentally incredibly sound. High basketball IQ. I have no doubt his game is going to translate very well to the NBA.”

Kevin Martin

On the additions of Kevin Garnett, Tayshaun Prince and Andre Miller

“I want to say a special thanks to Flip (Saunders) and Milt (Newton) for making me feel young again.”

On the differences between Sam Mitchell and Flip Saunders:

“Sam’s more intense. At the end of the day, he doesn’t care what you think of him. He wants you to move the ball, there’s not going to be much isolation, and he wants everybody to play together.

Whether demanding, disciplinarian coaches can be successful in the modern NBA:

“If a team trusts their coach, he can get away with it. The Spurs trust Pop, and we see those results. And we trust Sam. If he does come in here crazy a couple of days, there’s nothing wrong with that. He was KG’s mentor, and KG’s crazy, but he’s had a first ballot Hall of Fame career. So we’re going to rally around Sam and be ready for whatever he brings.”

In response to a random question at the end…

QUESTION: “How did you score 39 after you broke your wrist?”

MARTIN: “Luck… (laughing) I was playing the Knicks. (Laughter erupts.) Just joking…”

Karl-Anthony Towns

Opening remarks:

“We all know why I’m here. I’ve had a great career, but I’m here to retire from the game of basketball…” (laughter)

On his excitement for the season:

“It’s a great feeling knowing we’re about to start something really special.”

On Kevin Garnett, mentorship, and what he hopes to learn from him:

“The biggest thing I will always want to learn from Kevin Garnett, especially because he has a ring, is, ‘How do I become a championship player? How do we become a championship team? How do I become a championship contributor? Those little things… what’s the work we have to do to be a championship team?’ Those little things make the biggest difference.”

On his adjustment to the NBA game:

“I want to push the pace, beat the guards up the floor, make easy points happen. I want to be the fastest, most energetic player on the court at all times.”

In response to a golf question from Jerry Zgoda (NOTE: Allegedly, Karl-Anthony Towns drove the Par-4 10th hole at Hazeltine National Golf Club the other day. I do not believe it. He can prove this feat to me by taking me golfing at Hazeltine with him and doing it again. Until that day comes, I will remain a steadfast Karl-Anthony Towns Golfing Truther):

“I had a great time playing Hazeltine, (it’s) such a majestic course. Ryder Cup next year, hopefully I’ll be there, I can get a ticket to go. That’d be awesome.

On playing with Ricky Rubio:

“I’m very excited. In our pick-up games, me and Ricky have been on the same page. So it’s going to be awesome.”

And finally, an awesome question posed by John Meyer of Canis Hoopus:

QUESTION: “Ricky told us it only took two minutes of seeing you in a pre-draft workout to know that you were the guy. How long did it take you to know that Minneapolis was the place for you to start your career?”

KAT: “It was instantly. It’s a place I love. It’s an area that resembles my personality as well. Being more of an inside type guy, and not very out, it’s a place where so much love is built. That’s one thing that made me love Minneapolis so much. I stepped in and felt so much love towards me, and towards others, and people treating each other so well, with so much love and compassion. It definitely made (Minneapolis) somewhere I wanted to be.

Towns Media Day

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  1. Can’t decide who my favorite Wolf is. It’s been Rubio, but now it could be him, KG, Wiggins, or Towns. I haven’t been this excited about the Wolves since prime KG was on the team.

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