2015-16 Season

A Wolf Among Wolves 2015-16 Staff Predictions


Despite the crushing news we all received this past weekend, the 2015-16 season begins Wednesday night for this franchise. As tough as it will be for the Minnesota Timberwolves to continue after losing Flip Saunders, they’ll also get a chance at catharsis by playing for themselves, playing for him, and continuing the exciting foundation he built for this organization.

With that said, I know we are all looking forward to seeing the Wolves on the court this season. With Andrew Wiggins, Karl-Anthony Towns, Ricky Rubio, Kevin Garnett, Shabazz Muhammad, Zach LaVine, Nemanja Bjelica, and everybody else on the roster, we have a chance to see a real growth process play out right in front of our eyes every night. There will be a lot of losses, but we’ll get to see the future of the franchise develop.

The staff at AWolfAmongWolves put down our predictions for Team MVP, Team Defensive Player of the Year, Best Quote, Player with the Best Highlight, and others in the table below.


Couple of thoughts on this:

  • We’ll have a roundtable out explaining some of these picks so stay tuned for that.
  • I’m not quite sure why I went with a rookie for the Wolves’ DPOY. It would make more sense to go with Rubio or Wiggins, but for some reason I’m expecting the second half of the season to be very strong for Towns. Strong enough to win him Rookie of the Year for the league and possibly anchor a decent defense when he’s on the floor.
  • I feel like Tim cheated big time on Best Suit Game.
  • I went with Adreian Payne for Most Likely To Be Dealt because I think it’ll be easier to throw him into a move, if the Wolves make one.
  • I also went with Ricky Rubio for Breakout Player, mostly because I think a lot of people don’t realize just how good he is.
  • I can’t believe I’m the only person who went with Andrew Wiggins for top highlight. I figured that would be a sweep for the kid. Do my comrades not remember what this guy does?

I mean my god, Bill! Look at your reaction!



We want to thank everybody for the support you’ve shown AWolfAmongWolves over the years. We’re excited to cover another season of Wolves basketball with you.

Let’s NBA!

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4 thoughts on “A Wolf Among Wolves 2015-16 Staff Predictions

  1. twolves writers showing no love for the team. lol. I think the team will get atleast 40 win and they will finish either in 8 or 9 spot in WEST.

  2. MVP: Wiggins
    DPOY: KG followed closely by Rubio
    Breakout Player: Bjelica followed closely by Bazz
    Role Player: K Mart if he actually stays on the bench
    Funniest Player: Towns (Pek is a good dark horse if the T-Wolves video team comes up with another brilliant “where in the world is Nikola Pekovic sketch)
    Most Likely to be Traded: Martin (Pek?)
    Top Highlight: Wiggins
    Least Valuable Player: This one I think is a toss-up and I’m a bit surprised there was wide consensus on this pick. But I’m gonna say Prince followed closely by Tyus and Payne.
    Suit Game: KG (c’mon, he’s made the 3rd most money in NBA history… he’s gotta have some boss suits in his closet)
    Best Quote: KG

  3. Eh, why not…
    MVP: Rubio
    DPOY: Rubio
    Breakout Player: Bjelica
    Role Player: Bjelica
    Funniest Player: Pek
    Most Likely to be Traded: Miller
    Top Highlight: Wiggins
    LVP: LaVine the PG. If they scrap that experiment, Tyus because he’ll play the fewest minutes all season
    Suit Game: Sam Mitchell
    Best Quote: Towns

  4. After two games (and finally getting to see the team play) This article is missing a category. Most Improved Player. Which at the moment Zach LaVine has a strangle hold on. His D is actually NBA caliber which is an amazing transformation.

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