2016 Offseason

An Open Letter to Kevin Durant

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Hey Kevin,

First off, let me start by saying how much I loved watching your team in this year’s playoffs. I really thought you guys had the Warriors beat. Title or no title, the Thunder put on a great show, and you guys should be applauded for your efforts. You’re really good at basketball. I mean that.

From what I understand, it sounds like you’ll be courting potential suitors going forward, your current team (and the Warriors) included. I can understand why wanting to stay put would be an attractive offer to you. And I understand why you’re only planning on visiting with them, the Warriors, Celtics, Heat, Clippers and Spurs. Those are all attractive options, sure. But let me put another thought into your mind.

Have you considered the Timberwolves?

Think about it. Yes, the Wolves haven’t made the playoffs since before you entered the league, but that’s ending soon. With or without you, the Wolves are a playoff team in the next couple years, maybe this year. Adding you makes them an instant contender. That’s how good you are. You’re really good at basketball, Kevin.

Here’s the thing: if you go to Golden State, the average age of their core is 27 years old. The average age of your current team’s core is 27 years old. The average age of the Heat is 34 years old. I could go on. There’s years of a window for championships in all those scenarios, sure.

Remember this kid?

That kid is budding superstar Karl-Anthony Towns of the Minnesota Timberwolves. After just one year in the league, he’s already solidified himself as a top-tier big man in the NBA, loves to pass the ball and play defense. The best part? He’s only 20 years old. The rest of this team’s core is just as young. I haven’t asked him, but I know he wants to play with you, Kevin. I’m sure of it.

The average age of the Timberwolves’ Karl-Anthony Towns/Andrew Wiggins/Zach LaVine core is 21 years old. That core features the last two Rookie of the Year winners, a pair of surefire 20+ points per game scorers, and a potential star who’s finding his footing (speaking of footing, he jumps really really high).

I didn’t even factor in Ricky Rubio, who’d give you the ball whenever the hell you wanted. He’s really good at it, Kevin. I didn’t even mention Kris Dunn, who has all the makings of a guy that you desperately want to play with.

And they all want to play on your team, Kevin.

I know you’re from Texas, and have played in OKC your whole career, so if you’re scared of the cold, fear not!


These skyways are all over downtown Minneapolis. If you’re not a fan of the cold, you won’t have to experience it! But I’ll tell you what, downtown Minneapolis during the holidays is a magical place.


And, on top of all that, summers in Minneapolis are beautiful. Have you met the people? They’re so polite that they won’t even think of bugging you out on the town, out of fear of being rude. Want to meet these people? I’m sure Andrew Wiggins and KAT will show you around. Or how about Kevin Garnett, who made his name in Minnesota, then chose to return because of how much he loved his time here? Whoever you want to be your tour guide, Kevin.

I want you to think about this very seriously. You’ll be 35 (and still very good at basketball) in 8 years, and the average age of this group (Towns, Wiggins, LaVine) will be 28. That’s 8 years of top-notch play, and then some. You’re basically giving yourself a chance to compete for titles for the rest of your career.

If that’s something that you’re interested, I’d go give Jay-Z a call, and set up a visit. Think about it. This is a big decision, and Minnesota should be part of this decision. You’re really, really good at basketball, sort of like Karl-Anthony Towns, Andrew Wiggins, Zach LaVine, Ricky Rubio, and Kris Dunn.

If you’re interested in playing for championships for the remainder of your career, all while living in the town that made (your future teammate) Kevin Garnett a big part of who he is today, this might be the place for you. Only one way to find out.

Hope all is well.


Tim Faklis

Resident of Minneapolis, MN

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7 thoughts on “An Open Letter to Kevin Durant

    1. Bam, might I ask who defecated in your corn flakes this morning?

      Tim, love the article. Enjoyed it initially as a lighthearted little piece. But the more I think about it, WHY THE HELL NOT? I think sometimes it’s easy for long time fans of this team to just assume that elite players don’t want to come to Minnesota. But why wouldn’t they now? The most promising young core in the league, a top tier coach.

      I sincerely hope that the Wolves front office is reaching out to Durant’s people. If he’s not at least taking a look in Minnesota’s direction, he should.

      1. As a Raiders fan I’ve been through a decade plus of overpaying washed up veterans to this offseason where sought after free agents in their prime wanna get on board, it can happen in Minnesota too. We better at least reach out to KD and give him a sales pitch

  1. Love it Tim. Make sure you send it to KD, if you turn his mind we’ll all vote Tim Faklis into the Timberwolf Hall of Fame.

  2. Not to nitpick here but Durant played on the Supersonics his rookie season…so he hasn’t been in OKC his entire career. Love the article though

  3. Open Letter to DWade:

    Dear Mr Wade: I read that you aren’t happy with the salary options the Heat are offering you, so they can get Kevin Durant and keep Hassan Whiteside. I have another option for you. How about playing for the Minnesota Timberwolves?

    You would be the veteran leader with Ricky Rubio and KG (I think he would stay with you around) to go with young guns KAT (rookie of the year) Wiggins (last year’s ROY) and your new shadow (Zach LaVine). We would offer you a max contract for three years with a player option each year if you wanted more money to see Gabrielle more often. Who would blame you? Our team is looking for a winner like you that plays defense, rebounds and can still score pretty well both inside and outside. With you the team makes the playoffs and probably not just as an eighth seed. With you, we could be looking at a five or higher seed that would match up pretty well to the W’s, the aging Spurs and the possibly KD less OKC.

    You’re a Midwestern guy, that can take vacations in South Beach and LA whenever you want. Gabrielle is from Omaha, so that would be close for her to see family and friends from the neighborhood too. So what do you say? Want to be a frustrated star that is treated like a piggy bank for the Heat whenever they want to overpay teammates that aren’t as good as you, or do you want to be a god for a playoff starving team that has young talent that would hang on every word and deed you do?

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