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Ah, yes, today is Media Day. That magical time of year, on the cusp of a new season, when we hear about who lost weight or gained 15 pounds of muscle, endless positive platitudes and predictions, and we get to meet the team’s new players.

Before our coverage of the Timberwolves’ festivities begins, we’d like to introduce the newest member of our own team at A Wolf Among Wolves: Lucas Seehafer. 

Lucas comes to us from Canis Hoopus, and before that, his personal blog (The Long Two). He currently lives in South Dakota and attends grad school in hopes of becoming a Doctor of Physical Therapy – a passion he covers on his other website, Today in Medicine. Lucky for us (and all of you) he’s also a gifted basketball writer, and will be bringing his expertise to A Wolf Among Wolves. Without further ado, I’ll let Lucas tell you a little more about himself…


Growing up in a quiet town in south central Minnesota, basketball was never my thing. I never really understood its appeal. I found it difficult to relate to the players; I couldn’t jump out of the gym and I couldn’t knock down three-pointers with precision. Heck, I couldn’t even dribble with my off-hand. To put it bluntly, I wasn’t very good. I was always a starter on my traveling, middle school, and eventually high school teams (save for my junior year, a year in which we would’ve gone to the state tournament if it weren’t for the opposing team hitting a buzzer-beating three; ah, the glory days…), but I was never really more than a defensive stopper and rebounder. I followed the college game, mostly the Gophers, and always had an idea of what was going on in the NBA, but I never really, truly loved the game.

Although I didn’t fully conceptualize it at the time, some synapse fired in my brain for the first time at some point in 2011 and I ended up falling for the game, specifically the NBA. A certain Spaniard with an infectious attitude and, at times, mind-blowing theatrics was the major influence that got me hooked. From that point on every Timberwolves game was must see TV, though I didn’t become a full-fledged NBA nerd (reading articles, listening to podcasts, etc.) until my junior year of undergrad (2014).

I knew after graduating from college and moving to South Dakota in pursuit of a graduate degree that I would need to pick up a hobby that would help distract my mind from school from time to time. I decided that writing about basketball would be the perfect outlet and, thus, The Long Two, my now defunct blog, was born. After writing for three months or so, the great people at Canis Hoopus decided to take a shot on me and offered me a writing position; I wrote for them since the turn of the new year. Recently, the fine people at A Wolf Among Wolves contacted me, offered me a writing position, and here we are!

I have been a statistics guy, no matter the sport, my entire life (though, ironically, I’m pretty bad at math), but am intrigued by the more qualitative, theoretical, and immeasurable nuances of the game, as well. I do my best to incorporate all of these themes in my writing in one way or another as no one thing truly encapsulates the NBA, a game, or a player.

I am extremely thankful for AWAW extending me this opportunity to write for such a great site with such great writers and I can’t wait for the season to getting going. Go Wolves.

You can (and really should) follow Lucas on Twitter here

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