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Wolves-Blazers game Postponed due to Wet Floor from Humidity & Ice Under Court

How bout that weather, eh???

A combination of high humidity and a sheet of ice underneath the Target Center floor has caused tonight’s Wolves-Blazers game to be postponed. As reported by the Star Tribune’s Ken Youngblood, the ice was used by Disney On Ice over the weekend, and will be used for the National Collegiate Hockey Conference tournament March 17-18.


The game’s rescheduling has yet to happen, but Thibs did speak on it a bit after the cancellation was announced.

“They’ll look at the dates we have available and the dates they have available. They’ll find a way. I believe you guys in Minnesota had a makeup date with San Antonio. They’ve been through this before.”

Thibs referring to a game where a fire broke out in Mexico City back in 2013, prior to a schedule game against the Spurs.

Tonight is weird.

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1 thought on “Wolves-Blazers game Postponed due to Wet Floor from Humidity & Ice Under Court

  1. Sadly, we may look back at this postponement as the final nail on our playoff coffin. Blazers were able to get to OKC without playing a game the night before and found a way to beat Russell Westbrook and the Thunder to put another 1/2 game between us and the Nuggets.

    We played a good game with the Spurs, Portland had been struggling and would need to play OKC after a game here. Win or lose, this postponement helped the Blazers. Now we may have an extra Back to Back or worse a B2B2B for this makeup, on top of the much tougher remaining schedule than Portland. Even if we had played and beaten the Blazers, the upcoming game with the Clippers is a must win for us, but instead of a chance to put a little win streak together, we play the Warriors after that , which keeps us floating instead of surging towards the 8th seed.

    It is ridiculous that after all these years, the Target Center maintenance team can’t adjust to some reasonably warm weather and an upcoming hockey tournament. It isn’t like it was January. March can be warmer and a little humid in Minnesota. This is one of those events that must make Glen Taylor want to perform an exorcism on the place. The only saving grace is that, the moisture didn’t happen after the game started and have KAT or Andrew get injured on a wet spot.

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