Clippers 107, Timberwolves 99: Of chance, and of real skill

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It’s a small way to measure rebuilding success, and it might even sound like a backhanded compliment (or the product of very low expectations), but the Wolves haven’t been blown out much in their 17 games, and that’s a really good sign.

Timberwolves 101, Kings 91: Looking for the cliff


When is it safe to think good things are happening with the Wolves?

Timberwolves 99, Hawks 95: Halves and Halves-Nots


This was a tale of two halves, but not in the way the first meeting between these two teams was, when the Timberwolves roared out to a 34 point lead only to see it evaporate as they narrowly squeaked out a win in Atlanta against the Hawks. No: tonight the game was close just about […]

A SportVu deep dive into the Timberwolves’ young season


Over the past couple of seasons, has made Synergy Sports data more and more available in ever-increasing detail. While the numbers certainly shouldn’t be taken as Gospel, and subjective factors must always be kept in mind, it can be quite informative to jump into the advanced statistics in an attempt to learn a little […]

Wolves 100, Sixers 95: Andrew Wiggins went into assassin mode


The game looked bad early, but Andrew Wiggins didn’t want to lose.

A Quick Wolves-Sixers Preview: Towns, Okafor quickly earning their place

Screen Shot 2015-11-22 at 5.39.11 PM

Both Towns and Okafor have lived up to all their hype thus far.

Pistons 96, Wolves 86: Ups and Downs


The Wolves couldn’t find an offensive attack tonight at home, falling to the Pistons.

The Drummond-Towns (Pistons-Wolves) matchup could be a lot of fun tonight


The Pistons come into Minneapolis to face the Timberwolves tonight, and the matchup inside is the one to watch for.

Timberwolves 101, Magic 104: Fournier Is a Disease (That You Should Never Google)


Let’s lay some groundwork for last night’s loss in Orlando, because the distance imparted by television makes it easy to begin to think of every game as the same thing done over and over again, the players as action figures whose accumulated statistics mean Player X will make or miss Shot Y based on his […]

Timberwolves 103, Heat 91: Shaking puppies in a box


Andrew Wiggins will try to dunk on anybody and it can change the complexion of the game.

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