About AWAW

10304345_844408395570853_1249906382490795246_nA Wolf Among Wolves is the Minnesota Timberwolves blog for the ESPN.com TrueHoop Network.

Started by Ben Polk and Myles Brown back in 2011, AWAW has been a place for Minnesota Timberwolves’ ruminations to grow and be dissected by passionate fans, writers, and passersby. Our writers have been featured all over the basketball writing world from ESPN, ESPN’s TrueHoop, Grantland, SB Nation, CBSSports.com, Rolling Stone, Sporting News, Free Darko, and more.

We invite you to follow along with us as we take a deeper look into the process of the Wolves’ organization and try to find some entertainment on and off the court in the process.

Zach Harper, William Bohl, Tim Faklis, Lucas Seehafer, Andy Grimsrud, Patrick Johnston, and Dr. Lawyer IndianChief hope to bring you a little solace and entertainment in looking at this franchise. Go Wolves!

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