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Nuggets 103, Wolves 101: Work smarter not harder

That was not a fun way to lose a basketball game. Denver’s side of it will talk about how they gutted out the win with depth and heart and all of that crappy romance novel stuff that people love to spit after a win like this. And on some level, it’s completely valid. Ty Lawson […]

Wolves 92, 76ers 91: World of difference

It’s a shame to see all that Kevin Love does and wish he would do more. But watching Elton Brand dismantle him in the post probably made some of us do just that. Early in the first quarter, Brand recovered a loose ball at the elbow, sized up Love with a dribble between his legs, put […]

Patience is a virtue… even when we have access to a trade machine

Patience is supposed to be a virtue, but there rarely seems to be room for it in today’s sporting world. Rookies get drafted and we immediately start wondering how they’re going to get 36 minutes per game to fulfill their destiny of saving the franchise. If they’re a high draft pick, then immediate impact is […]

Wolves 102, Bobcats 90: K.I.S.S.

Keep it simple, stupid. It’s funny how basic professional basketball can be sometimes. You’re bigger and stronger than the opponent so you pound it inside and get easy points. You have a problem with turnovers so you just stay more patient and stop giving the ball to the other team. You’re facing the worst team […]

Mavericks 104, Wolves 97: Something to aspire to

Pay attention, Timberwolves; this is exactly what you want to be. The Dallas Mavericks put the Wolves through a basketball clinic Friday night and showed the young Pups exactly where they need to end up as a team. Dallas isn’t a perfect team by any means and they certainly didn’t play a perfect basketball game. […]

Kevin Love can haz 2nd All-Star selection?

According to sources of Marc Spears from Yahoo! Sports, Kevin Love will be named an All-Star reserve for the second time in his career. Obviously, this isn’t official at all but Marc is a pretty darn good reporter and it’s pretty obvious that Love deserves to be on the West squad this season. Get excited, […]

Wolves 86, Kings 84: Absence makes the heart grow… well that wasn't so bad

While some might complain about Kevin Love’s suspension being unjust, I’m trying to look at it as a positive thing. I’ve grown tired of Kevin Love’s complaining to officials this season. I’m fine if he wants to belabor a point or fight for his team verbally during stoppages in play, but when he’s taking an […]

Emailing with the enemy: Wolves at Nets

Hopefully you’re all somewhat familiar with Devin Kharpertian and the fantastic work he and his team do at Nets Are Scorching, our Nets blog in the TrueHoop Network. He and I exchanged three questions each to prepare for tonight’s contest in New Jersey. Here are his answers about the Nets and then my answers for […]

It's time to Pek a fight

Watching the Indiana Pacers punish the Wolves with physicality the other night made me a little jealous. The Pacers want to punish you. They want you to feel their presence every second of the ball game. Stop-n-Pop at Canis Hoopus put it beautifully when he said: The Pacers entered last night’s tilt with a single […]

Pacers 109, Wolves 99: Fight or flight

“Everyone has a plan until they get punched in the mouth.” – Michael Gerard Tyson Forget the Danny Granger incident in the third quarter. We can pretend this was a turning point in the game and that it fired Granger up to lead his team over our beloved Wolves. We can pretend he wasn’t already […]