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Game Four Preview: Magic at Wolves in the Target Center

We’ve got a big stretch of games coming up for the Wolves and it starts tonight. Ever since Kevin Love broke his hand doing knuckle push-ups, we’ve been trying to figure out how this team survives the presumed month he’s out healing. If the Wolves can be a .500 team during the month of November, […]

Game Three Preview: Wolves at Nets in the Barclays Center

Hello, Brooklyn! After the horrible aftermath in the New York area (and much of the Eastern seaboard) took away the Brooklyn Nets’ theatrical home opener against the New York Knicks to kick off the Brooklyn era properly, New York’s newest team finally debuted their new duds and domicile against the Toronto Raptors. I don’t have a […]

Game Two Preview: Wolves at Raptors in the Air Canada Centre

So the Timberwolves won a game in which Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love were in suits, Nikola Pekovic had nine points and five rebounds, the team shot 36.8% from the field and just 2-of-17 from the 3-point line? What the what? Now there are two possible reasons for this: 

Game One Preview: Kings at Wolves in the Target Center

Here we go! We’ve been waiting months to see how this whole thing would work in a real game that counted. The dead weight from last year has been excavated from the site and now the Wolves will have a bevy of competent and actually good players to run through Rick Adelman’s system, which they’ve […]

Preseason Game Seven Preview: Wolves at Bucks in Green Bay

Here we are. Last preseason game to get our role players finely tuned and guys more connected with the system in real-time action before the games actually mean something. We’ve had a contentious preseason so far, mainly because of the injuries. Obviously, there was Rubio and his injury. Then we had Luke Ridnour up and […]

Preseason Game Six Preview: Pistons vs Wolves in Winnipeg

Just two more games are left in this preseason before we get to see some real action on the court. Now if we could just get through this without having anybody else get injured, we might just make it through the first month of the season when we see how tough and resilient our second […]

Preseason Game Five Preview: Wolves at Bulls in the United Center

I’d like to talk to you about a serious pandemic that is hurting this great planet we inhabit. It’s called Knuckle Pushup Prehensile Fracture Disorder, or KPPFD. KPPFD literally affects dozen of power forwards each year, crippling their hands for month at a time. The key to battling KPPFD is to make sure workouts for […]

Preseason Game Four Preview: Haifa vs Wolves at Target Center

After tonight, we’ll be halfway through the preseason madness, which means we’re halfway to the start of the regular season. Hooray for hoops! I don’t know that there is much I have to say after last game that won’t be said in a Pekovic article I’ve got posting sometime tomorrow. So I’ll turn your attention […]

Preseason Game Three Preview: Bulls vs Wolves at the Target Center

I wish I had something to add to last night’s affair against the Pacers, but I sadly didn’t get to watch the game. It looks like the Wolves let Derrick Williams be the man and sat the majority of the main guys to give them some rest. This is to be expected during the preseason. […]

Preseason Game Two Preview: Wolves vs Pacers in Hoosierville

Don’t have much time for today’s preview, so just remember what I said in the game recap for the first game against the Pacers and then assume that I was going to gush about Ricky Rubio’s awesomeness and Nikola Pekovic’s strength. We do have a 3-on-3 today though. I asked Steve McPherson of AWolfAmongWolves fame […]