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I needed to wash away the stank the Chicago Bulls defense put on the Minnesota Timberwolves last night so I decided to check out the final moments of the Pacers-Wolves game from Friday night. There were a couple of hilarious things off to the side on George Hill’s step-back 3-pointer to tie the game and Chase Budinger’s game-winning layup.

First, let’s look at the 3-pointer by George Hill. To start out, let’s recognize how dirty this move by Hill is. He pulls the ball back between his legs to get Dante Cunningham off-balance, then starts moving forward again before he steps back about two feet to shoot a game-tying 3. That’s just unfair. Dante played that possession extremely well and still ended up looking bad. Somehow, George Hill’s ACLs remain intact too.

But something funny happened on the play. Check out the video and notice the spotlight of Lance Stephenson on the bench:

For some reason, Stephenson tripping over the feet of teammate Jeff Pendergraph and then seeing Frank Vogel look down on him, probably wondering what the hell he was doing on the ground just killed me. I’ve watched this sequence maybe 15 times today and can’t stop laughing about it.

Secondly, let’s look at the game-winning play by Andrei Kirilenko and Chase Budinger. The patience of AK47 was fantastic and the coincidentally heady play of Chase to crash the boards on an assumed shot, only to find himself wide-open for a pass was just fun to witness. Check out Hill’s reaction to the play in real time though. It’s not even over yet and he can’t believe what happened.

We all knew Gerald Green was hilariously asleep on the play and lost where Chase was. But I didn’t notice Hill wondering what the hell Green was doing before the game-winner had even left Chase’s hands. Again, watching this a bunch of times today left me laughing at the final moments of an awesome game.

I’m sure I wouldn’t be as entertained by it if the roles were reversed and the Wolves lost that game, but alas, we have the good fortune of getting to laugh about a great win for the team.

Now let’s never speak of the Bulls’ game again. Stupid Nate Robinson…

JJ Barea has been warned by the NBA for a flop against the Sacramento Kings. Jimmer Fredette was dribbling toward the right side of the floor, put his forearm up to clear space from Barea, and was whistled for the foul as Barea snapped his head back.

This is what I like to call “JJ Barea’s Three-Card Monte.” He does this pretty much every game and it usually works in drawing a foul against his opponent. I don’t know that they’re often as fabricated as this one, but it does happen. Either he tricks his opponent into raising their forearm into him and he takes the contact, or he makes it look like they do. Either way, it happens a lot.

Next one for JJ will result in a $5,000 fine from the league office. If Barea does this once a game for all 82 games, it will cost him just over $400,000 of his $4 million salary this season. He didn’t get a chance to do it against the Raptors, but he can make up for that tonight against the bigger Deron Williams.

If you look at that play slowly, it almost looks like Barea brings his arm up into Jimmer’s raised arm and forces Jimmer’s hand near his face. Is that close to the self-flop seen on this play?

Not quite there but it’s close.

Also, it looks like Barea is likely to play tonight. According to Jerry Zgoda, he went through the concussion tests and thinks it “looks good.” Good to know he’s okay and not feeling any ill effects from the collision last night.

It wasn’t a pretty preseason opener in many ways, but the Wolves got to debut some new faces and beat up on an incomplete Pacers team for the victory.

Between the poor 3-point shooting, the grainy Fargo television feed coming through NBA League Pass, lots of turnovers, and a lot of missed free throws, it would have been pretty easy to want to look away from our first glimpse at what the Wolves have to offer this year. Plus, D.J. Augustin was the main point guard for Indiana due to George Hill sitting out and nobody wants to watch him play starter’s minutes. However, we got to watch Wolves basketball once again and it was pretty fun to see the new direction the team is going.

I’m not going to try to find an overarching storyline with a preseason game and look for how it affects the team moving forward. It’s preseason after all. So let’s just try to look at what each individual player did and file it away for later use.  Continue Reading…

Sliding Doors

Zach Harper —  September 26, 2012 — 3 Comments

Have you ever seen the movie Sliding Doors?

It’s a Gwyneth Paltrow movie that shows the parallel life tracks of a woman whose life is up in the air. On the day she gets fired from her PR job, she is catching a subway to get home.

In one parallel, Gwyneth’s character makes her train. She meets a man that she hits it off with right away. Because she caught her train, she gets home early and catches her boyfriend cheating on her. Since she’s found out what a jerk he is, she returns to the new man she’s met on the train and begins a new life.

In the other parallel, she misses the train and doesn’t meet the new man. She gets home well after her boyfriend’s affair is over and is never the wiser to his deceitful ways. She ends up overworking herself to support him while he takes time writing a novel.

In one life, she gets to restart everything. Her life gets turned upside down and she hits rock bottom, but she finds a new way to begin the next phase of her life. In the other life, the bad hits just keep on coming and she’s stuck in the same rut she can’t seem to crawl out of.

Every time I think about Brandon Roy’s upcoming campaign with the Minnesota Timberwolves, I can’t help but think of this movie. There really are two parallels of the next chapter in Brandon Roy’s life. As we move forward, we’ll find out over the next two weeks/one month/three months/full season the answers to the questions we have about Brandon Roy.  Continue Reading…

It’s ESPY season and much like the People’s Choice Awards or Nickelodeon’s Awards show… or… you know… the All-Star Game, the PEOPLE are the ones that decide who is honored with the hardware.

You can go to this link on and it will look like the picture above. Click on Kevin Love’s picture and then click “vote.” Do that as many times as it lets you and Kevin Love may win the ESPN for Best NBA Player. It’s probably a longshot for him to win with LeBron, Durant, Kobe (?), Tony Parker (huh?) and Rajon Rondo (…) all nominated but Wolves fans can make it happen with a stalker’s persistance.

And if you are able to contribute to the Jimmy V Foundation to help fund cancer research, here is the link for that.

Vote Now. Vote Often. Vote for Love.



He lost. :(

As of right now, Timberwolves fans are really lucky.

Our team looks like it’s headed in the right direction, we have young talented stars with at least three years on each contract, loads of cap flexibility and an owner who seems willing to spend money to make the product better right now. In addition, the owner is apparently looking for an exit strategy that centers around finding someone who will keep the team in Minneapolis.

Not every fan base is that lucky.

For the past couple of years, the fans of the Sacramento Kings have been jerked around by their ownership. The Maloofs tried to sneak off in the middle of the night and take the team to Anaheim. When the NBA wouldn’t let them do that (or we can pretend they had a change of heart), the city of Sacramento put together an incredible effort behind the people at Here We Stay and mayor Kevin Johnson to get enough local support to make an arena deal a reality. When the NBA stepped in and negotiated what the Maloofs called “a fair deal,” it seemed like a new downtown arena would be built and another relocation disaster would be stopped.

Now the Maloofs are reneging on the deal and sabotaging whatever efforts are made to save the arena deal. James Ham from Cowbell Kingdom put together this documentary during the time when it looked like the Kings were out of town. I recommend you taking the hour and 21 minutes to watch this documentary. It’s wonderfully well done and after the local Vikings fiasco that has gone on recently, I think this is a market that can appreciate such extraordinary efforts.

Thank you and enjoy.

Ricky Rubio is down but definitely not out.

Here he is working on his… well… let’s say set shot. Andre Miller would be proud.

(H/T – @RussoDefender)

By the way, I love so much that Pump Up The Jam is what they’re listening to. 

Via SLAM Online, Levi Maestro documents some of the offseason workouts and activities of Kevin Love and other NBA players.

Pretty intense workout from the looks of it.

Here it is in all of its glory!

Yesterday, Kevin Love went to Sea Life at the Mall of America to introduce himself and the world to K-Love the Octopus.

According to the press release from the team:

K-Love the octopus will be joining the team of 10,000 sea creatures from SEA LIFE Minnesota Aquarium at Mall of America. The octopuswill be released into his new tank by Kevin Love. Kevin will also be feeding K-Love the octopus as well as giving him a special basketball toy. Children from Hope Kids will also be on hand to be the first to see K-Love in his new tank.

Why an octopus? Both the octopus, K-Love, and Kevin Love have excellent grabbing ability – one to grab boards, the other mainly grabs food. An octopus is also one of the smartest animals in the sea, while Kevin is surely one of the smartest on the court. Lastly, both Kevin and K-Love will be making Minnesota proud for many years to come.

Thanks to the Wolves PR and Sea Life, I went down there with Myles Brown and others posing as media to check out the event first hand. Here’s a little video of the afternoon.

(Apologize for the subpar audio. Tried to reduce the background noise the best I could.)

Kevin seemed to have a fun time with the kids and everyone involved in the event. Here is a scientific look into the future at what K-Love the Octopus will look like when he’s fully grown.