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Roster Review: Ricky Rubio

We’re kicking off our offseason coverage here at A Wolf Among Wolves with a comprehensive roster review of the team from this past season, looking at how each player’s 2012-13 went and what we see for them going forward. One player a day for the next couple weeks, starting with the bench and rolling up […]

Full transcript of Kirilenko interview

Earlier this week, I posted a profile of Andrei Kirilenko over on HoopSpeak, but there was plenty of stuff that didn’t make it into the post, so I’m posting the full transcript of Kirilenko’s side of the conversation here. He talks some more about his reading habits, who he looked up to as a young […]

The Book on Andrei Kirilenko

I spoke with Andrei Kirilenko this past Friday about how he got started playing basketball, the ins and outs of his approach to the game, and his reading habits. It’s posted here thanks to our friends at HoopSpeak.

Andrei Kirilenko & Alexey Shved: Media Day quotes

Andrei Kirilenko and Alexey Shved sat down with Kirilenko very much in the driver’s seat. Shved mostly hung back, responding only when addressed directly and looking a little sheepish. Kirilenko seems convinced he’ll speak most loudly with his game. Kirilenko on Shved: “I don’t like to give advice. I think everyone is a grown man.” […]

The great conversations: Kevin Love

My interview with Kevin Love was another treasure trove that I couldn’t really find a place for. Picture: an insanely cold day. Me drinking tea at the Starbucks across from the Target Center. A very tall man sitting across from me at an embarrassingly small table answering my questions–about his role on the team, his […]

Michael Beasley talks Michael Beasley

While my partner was gathering details on the resurgence of SuperCoolBeas from Wolves assistant coaches, I spent a few minutes with the man himself. I’ve done my fair share of interviews over the past few years and Beas’ playful candor is as refreshing as anyone I’ve encountered… You’re obviously scoring in bunches lately. Last year […]