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The Case for OG Anunoby

Like most Wolves’ fans and pundits, I’ve been on the Jonathan Isaac bandwagon for quite some time now. His unique blend of height, athleticism, defensive versatility, and offensive potential have had me drooling and daydreaming for the last couple of months. Although he will be more of a project than a player who is ready […]

After the Lotto: The Big-Picture Questions

Okay, the draft is a month away and we now know the order. The Wolves will pick seventh, after the Celtics, Lakers, Sixers, Suns, Kings and Magic. Unless they trade the pick, of course. This post is not a deep dive into the 2017 class of prospects — that stuff will come later. For now, […]

2016-17 Roster Review: Ricky Rubio

Ricky Rubio had two seasons. There was the one that took place on the basketball floor. In some ways Rubio played the best ball of his career in 2016-17. He posted career highs in points per game, assists per game and field goal percentage. After some early struggles adjusting to new coach Tom Thibodeau, Rubio […]

2016-17 Roster Review: Zach LaVine

More than any other Timberwolves player, Zach LaVine is whatever you want to make of him. A LaVine partisan has a lot of ammunition when arguing that he’s a player to be excited about. She can point out that he’s 6’5″ with possibly the best leaping ability the league has ever seen. He has a […]

2016-17 Roster Review: Cole Aldrich

Cole Aldrich was the perfect acquisition. For a Minnesota Timberwolves franchise undergoing a major front-office transition and loaded with young talent under long-term contracts, it made no sense to over-spend on some of the veteran players available in the free agent market. While other teams were committing more than $60 and $70 Million for the […]

2016-17 Roster Review: Jordan Hill

Kids across the state of Minnesota are growing up hoping to become the next Andrew Wiggins or Karl-Anthony Towns. They see Wiggins hammer a huge dunk, or Towns scream in celebration after a clutch basket and the foul, and they imagine themselves doing something similar. When kids watch sports, they want to be like their […]

Timberwolves Season in Review: Part 2

We’re recapping the Timberwolves 2016-17 season, round table style. In case you missed it, Part 1 can be found here. Here are the final five questions about the season that was. After LaVine tore his ACL in the 50th game of the season, Towns and Wiggins combined for 54.3 points per game. Their 2-man lineup […]

Timberwolves Season in Review, Part 1

The Timberwolves finished another season on Wednesday night. Before we collectively move on to watching other teams in the playoffs, it’s worth looking back at the season that was. The AWAW writers tackled 10 questions about the team. The first 5 appear in this Part 1. The next 5 will come in a Part 2, […]

INBOX: Last home game of the season… Rubio’s last as a Timberwolf?

Andy G: Tonight marks the Timberwolves 81st game of the 2016-17 season and the final one that they will play at Target Center. While there will be ample time to decompress and analyze The Season That Was, I feel compelled to point out that this could be the last time Ricky Rubio plays as a […]

Wolves 110, Blazers 109: Continuing to fight because that’s what professionals do.

After Monday evening’s 110-109 win over the Portland Trail Blazers, Tom Thibodeau was asked if he liked the fight his team showed, earning a win over a decent team after his own had already been eliminated from the playoffs. Thibs didn’t seem to accept the premise that missing the playoffs somehow excused poor performance for […]