Wolves 116, Bucks 99: Step into the spotlight (WOO!)

Now *that* was what optimistic Timberwolves fans, as well as the many national pundits who predicted 45 wins and a playoff berth, expected most of their games to be like.

Wolves and Bucks has high potential to be FUN!

So much high jumping.

Timberwolves 103, Nuggets 105: Sweet Oblivion

After a loss like last night’s, it is so tempting to sink into the soft oblivion of believing there is one major flaw that is keeping the Minnesota Timberwolves from getting over the hump and into basic respectability. You’ll hear it from more casual basketball fans who drop in to watch a Wolves game now […]

Wolves 104, Hawks 90: Shots Falling, and “What it’s supposed to be like”

“It’s easier to win basketball games when you make shots.” Somebody famous or smart said that once. I can’t remember if I read it in a John Wooden book or an article from the Sloan Conference on sports analytics. It’s really good insight. Tonight, facing the Atlanta Hawks for the second time in six nights, […]

Thunder 112, Wolves 100: Sugar Coma

It’s Christmas. You were owed a bit of a nap.

Kings 109, Wolves 105: What We Have Here is a Failure to Communicate

The Minnesota Timberwolves fell to the Sacramento Kings 109-105 on Friday night in a game that could be described as anything but pretty. The referees sought to take control early in the game, calling 14 fouls in the first quarter (44 overall), including a technical foul on Wolves’ head coach Tom Thibodeau after two minutes […]

Nine Things I Observe About Thibs

Here are 9 things that I’ve observed from Thibs since he started coaching the Timberwolves. Thibs swears a lot. If someone asked me what makes the average HBO television series better than most shows on ABC or NBC, I’d probably begin with something like, “better writing and character development.” I would try to include the […]

Timberwolves 92, Hawks 84: Once is Luck, Twice is a Streak

The Minnesota Timberwolves have won two games in a row and three of their last four after defeating the Atlanta Hawks Wednesday night by the score of 92-84. Despite their penchant for the opposite (at least prior to the last four games or so), the Wolves’ defense was strong against Atlanta, which resulted in the […]

Timberwolves 115, Suns 108: Contrapasso

The Wolves started slow, messed around at the ends of some quarters, but held back the Suns’ persistent charge and finished off a 115-108 victory at home

Rockets 111, Wolves 109 (OT): What It Could Have Been

The Wolves had a 12 point lead with 2 minutes to go, and were playing one of their best games of the year. Then it disappeared.

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