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Things almost got out of hand. In fact, they did get out of hand. Yet once again, we came barreling back.

We still lost though.

Much of this season will be spent articulating the subtle differences between last year’s uptempo collapses and the developments currently unfolding before us. Yet for all the excitement surrounding our fair ball club, for all the strides we’ve seemingly taken, that first quarter against Chicago was the unfriendliest reminder of our lot in life.

You see, no matter the personnel, there is still some truth to be squeezed from that old cliche: With solid fundamentals, proper teamwork and an unyielding effort, any team can compete in this league. However in order to actually win, a team needs someone that defies the rules. Someone a step faster, a foot taller, a leap higher, capable of seizing control. Someone who simply can’t be stopped.

Enter Derrick Rose.

He skips through the narrowest of gaps before a defense even recognizes them. Even when expertly defended, he’s liable to score anyway. There isn’t anyone he can’t jump over and no three men he can’t weave himself around. Plainly put, Rose is an unprecedented package of size, speed and skill, complete with a competitive streak that would make even Chicago’s most celebrated sociopath nod in admiration.

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