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Benjamin Polk —  August 29, 2010 — 6 Comments

Yvonne Chu

Ricky Rubio is getting famous. How famous? For one: Zach Harper just posted a lengthy post about the kid on this very blog. For two: the paper of record just compared him to Justin Bieber. Here’s Pete Thamel on young Rubio:

In this year’s EuroLeague semifinal against CSKA Moscow, the former Duke star Trajan Langdon said, one play summed up Rubio’s understanding of the game. Rubio called a set play that put him in a precarious position underneath the hoop. But he lobbed the ball over the backboard to a teammate for an easy lay-in.

“He knew exactly where to be and how to read the defense,” Langdon said. “He does his little tricks, but that’s not what impresses me with him. What impresses me is that he doesn’t get rattled.

“His ability to run a team and understand the game at his age is phenomenal.”

And if Trajan Langdon says it, it must be true.

Oh and another thing:

As people recognized him in a hotel lobby, Rubio obliged every autograph and picture request for a simple reason. “When you see their smile and their eyes shining, you feel good,” he said.

Never stop that sweet poetry, Ricky Rubio.