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Feed the meter: Rubio v. Lin

Myles Brown —  February 11, 2012 — 4 Comments

You know, it’s odd that sports are still viewed as a monogamous endeavor. Franchises flee cities overnight, cut or trade players on a whim and will lock us out if they feel like it. Players, largely presumed available to the highest bidder, openly court new teammates and tease us with their decisions. Fans, having the most options and least invested, are perhaps the most fickle bunch of the lot, our commitment wavering by the box score.

Ultimately, this is just a business for them. However we’d still like to believe they love the business they’re in, just as they need to believe we’ll keep coming back. Which of course, as the lockout has proven, we will. It can be frivolous, maybe even a waste, but that’s why we call them pastimes.

Don’t be mistaken though. This doesn’t mean we aren’t looking for something substantial. Many of us are bound by loyalty to nothing other than entertainment, but what casual and hardcore fans will always have in common is the love of a good story. We all want to believe in the triumph of will and spirit against any odds or opponent. It’s enjoyable and more importantly, inspirational.

It’s why we’re all talking about Jeremy Lin.

The New York Knicks, as bloated and incompetent a franchise as any in sports, stumbled upon the league’s best story in years. Now, regardless of familiarity with the sport or affiliation with the team, America wants to see the Harvard grad help a big business succeed.

Which surprisingly means, if only for a moment, we’ve found something more adorable than Ricky Rubio. Maybe even more entertaining.

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