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So the Timberwolves have the fourth pick in the draft (plus the 16th and the 23rd).  Myles has accurately articulated our feelings of despair, of helplessness, of cursed fortune. On Monday, presciently anticipating and defusing the disappointment, Wolves GM David Kahn gave a calming little spiel. He rested his chin in his hand; he wore a comfy shirt; he looked chillaxed. In this video, Kahn told us all, in advance, why we shouldn’t be too twisted up about poor lottery luck: 1) the fourth pick was the most statistically likely anyhow 2) they might very well move up 3) if the do pick fourth, they’ll get somebody good anyway. Check it and try to feel better:

Breathing easier? If that didn’t work, watch this and just try to enjoy Paul Allen’s moment of blissed-out hysteria. He’s not lucky, evidently, but he sure can get himself fired up. There, that should do it: