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It’s taken a little while longer for me to compile than the options at No. 9 pick for the Wolves in this year’s draft, but it’s time to go over the plethora of options the Wolves have at No. 26 to add some depth and missing weaponry to their roster for next year and moving forward.

We know there are a lot of different ways this team can go thanks to the potential free agency of Andrei Kirilenko and the restricted free agency of Nikola Pekovic. And while this draft isn’t going to be able to outright replace what those two bring to the table on any given night, adding depth in case they can’t replace these guys right away, should that option come up, is important in keeping the core together and properly equipped to battle in the NBA. With the 26th pick in the draft, I love the number of options the Wolves have. They can go big with plenty of solid options here or they can go back to the wing and try to keep adding to depth on the perimeter.

No matter which way they go here (assuming they keep the pick), I think the decision will end up being a good one. Like we did with the post on No. 9 in the draft, let’s look at the options most likely available to the Wolves, who the experts are picking right now for No. 26, I’ll give my opinion on who I think they will take, and then we’ll have a worst-case and best-case scenario for Minnesota.

Let’s look at the options for No. 26 (I won’t go as in-depth as I did with No. 9 because there are just so many more options, but I’ll try to hit the basics and we can discuss the rest in the comments):  Continue Reading…